Top 25 Ghost Photos from Reddit.com


As I’ve mentioned before, the r/ghosts and r/paranormal sections of Reddit.com are great places to share stories and connect with fellow ghost lovers. Many of the photos I’ve featured on Ghosts and Ghouls first appeared on Reddit. If you haven’t checked out the niche communities, they’re definitely worth a look.

With that in mind, here are the 25 most popular photos on r/paranormal and r/ghosts. I’ve posted some of these pics before while others are brand new to the site. Click on a photo’s title link to view the discussion on Reddit.com and then share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Kitchen Face – “My friend took this picture of his cousin in their new house. He says it was just the two of them there but that’s not what it looks like.”

ghost photograph

Trail Cam Thing“What is this caught on a trail cam in Wisconsin?”

trail cam ghost

Child in the Chair“Email from my dad, his friends neighbor has had several sightings of a little ghost girl. You can see her face in the bookcase by the chair.”

ghost picture ghost girl

The Peeper – “Was told to post this here… My brother took this picture when I was in 10th grade and squatting this was the result… To this day still can’t explain what or who this is.”

ghost photo

Ship Spirit“My brother is in the middle of the ocean on the Research Vessel Knorr. The crew is frequently visited by a ghost. Last night they finally got two pictures of it and he just emailed them to me. He said he was on the bridge and heard the screams!”

ship ghost

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The Little Girl in the Cemetery

real ghost photo

“On May 3rd, 2003, I was at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Scottsboro, AL at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon taking photos.

The sky was a dark grey and I could hear thunder rumbling not too far away. I knew it was time to wrap it up. I started to make my way back to my car when I noticed a grave I had never seen before.

It looked like a concrete slab with four-inch walls all the way around, and inside there was approximately three inches of water which reflected the name and date of the individual buried there. It was very unusual, so I took one last picture and just made it to my car in time when the skies opened up.

Later that evening, I downloaded my pictures to my computer. As I studied the unusual “water grave,” I noticed something very bright in the background of the photo. I blew up the photo and to my amazement, there was a small child (a girl I believe) looking back at me.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Cemetery Apparitions

graveyard ghost picture

I don’t know much about this photo other than it comes from an old graveyard in Alpine, UT and reportedly shows the ghost of a mother and child. Do you see spirits in this pic or is it just difficult to tell?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: A Ghostly Child

childs ghost

Doll House Cam streams video of dolls around the clock to give viewers the chance to spot a haunted doll in action. Visitors have shared all sorts of finds in the Cam Capture section, though the photo above is by far the most intriguing. In March 2009, the cam captured what appears to be a child’s ghost lurking at the bottom of the stairs. What do you think of the find?

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