8 Haunted Places in Iowa

A historic asylum, an airplane crash site, a home with a horrifying past. Iowa is full of chillingly haunted places. Here are eight of them.

Villisca Ax Murder House – Villisca


On June 10, 1912, someone took an ax to six members of the Moore family and their two overnight guests. Six of the victims were children and each had been viciously struck in the head. Though authorities investigated many suspects, including one man who stood trial twice, none were found guilty, and the murder remains unsolved. Today, the home is reportedly haunted by the slaughtered victims. Strange activity includes vanishing bloodstains, disembodied voices, and shoves from unseen hands.

Oakland Cemetery – Iowa City


Many creepy tales surround the “black angel” of Oakland Cemetery. Some say those who kiss or touch the angel will suffer an agonizing death. Others believe a curse causes the angel to darken each year. Many paranormal investigators are drawn to the statue and have recorded strange audio and shadows in the night. One cold night, a televised team pointed a thermal camera at the statue only to discover it was red hot.

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