Ghost Photo: Cemetery Shadow Person

Does this photo show a shadow person in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery? The following comes from a reader who sent in the series of images.

“I am including some photos I took in Colonial Park Cemetery last October. Since I used to have a ghost team, I knew to take multiple pictures in different areas. I also looked to make sure there were no people in the camera’s view.¬†You can see a dark shadow person forming and what appears to be two spirits conversing in front of the headstone.”

The 267-year-old cemetery contains over 9,000 graves and is reportedly home to several spirits. Many ghost photos have emerged from Colonial Park throughout the years.


Creepy Photo of the Day: Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost

ghost in colonial park

This photo from Tara Tours reportedly shows a full-body apparition in Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery. Is it a real ghost?

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