Video: Ghost Blob Damages Car in Police Parking Lot

Surveillance video from the Hartford Police department’s parking lot shows a whitish blob whipping about, but is it a ghost?

In the clip posted above, the wispy blob whirls through the lot, tearing the mirror off one car, hurling it a few feet away, and then dropping the mirror next to the damaged vehicle. Some police officers believe the parking lot is haunted, however NBC Connecticut meteorologist Brad Field says the “ghost blob” is actually a dust devil. Not everyone is convinced, however.

What do you think of the footage? Dust devil or naughty, police-hating ghost blob?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Factory Phantom

remington arms factory haunted

This photo comes from the long-abandoned Remington Arms factory in Bridgeport, CT. Remington Arms was once one of the largest munitions factories in the world, employing over 17,000 works during World War II. However, competition grew and business slowed, forcing officials to abandon the factory in the late 1980s. Now, the site is reportedly haunted with visitors claiming to hear muffled screams, disembodied voices, and furtive whispers. The photo above comes from the factory’s shot tower where two workers reportedly died in a gruesome accident. What do you think of the pic?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: Little Girl Lost

ghost old newgate prison

This photo taken at Connecticut’s Old Newgate Prison shows what appears to be a little girl staring out a second-story window. According to the original submitter, the window is part of the former guard building, and guests aren’t allowed on the top floor. So who, or what, is the girl? Perhaps she should meet up with the boy at Colorado’s Stanley Hotel.

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Eerie Eats: 100 Haunted Restaurants in the United States (Alabama – Idaho)

Do you like a side of ghosts with your evening meal? Here’s the first of a four-part series featuring 100 haunted restaurants from across the United States. We’ve got ghost hookers in Alaska, a heartbroken spirit in California, and the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining. Order up!


The Victoria Restaurant, Anniston
A woman in white reportedly roams the upper landing of The Victoria Inn and Restaurant. Guests and staff report hearing unexplained footsteps, glasses clinking in the bar, and piano music in empty rooms.

1604 Quintard Avenue
Anniston, AL 36201

the victoria restaurant

Rawls Restaurant, Enterprise
Original owner Captain Japheth Rawls reportedly lurks around the cellar of the historic Rawls Restaurant, spooking waitresses with his sudden presence. Mischievous spirits in the kitchen steal utensils or bang on pots and pans. Guests and employees also report hearing children laughing and playing, even when children clearly aren’t around.

116 South Main Street
Enterprise, AL 36330

rawls restaurant alabama

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