Reader Submission: The Haunted Dolls

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A reader submitted these true tales about eerie dolls that walk and talk. Enjoy!

It Moves Even Now
“Once I went to a charity shop and bought a pot doll with ginger curly hair and a green Scottish dress. I took it home and put it on the bottom step of my staircase. I then went upstairs to get something, but when I got down the doll had moved to the mat at the front door.

The following morning I awoke, and my husband said he had got up in the night and heard singing and footsteps. In the afternoon, my husband went out and I was alone. I made myself a sandwich, and I went to the living room. I turned the lights on and sat down. Two minutes later, the light turned off by itself and the doll was on the sofa next to me. I got up and turned the light back on, sat down, and two minutes later the lights went off again. Ever since I bought the doll I’ve heard singing and laughing and I’ve seen it moving…even now.”

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Reader Submission: The Evil Dolls

“Weird things started happening to me about a year ago. I moved into a new unit in Brisbane, QLD, and got my porcelain dolls back from my mother’s place. I have had the dolls since I was 5 years old. Everyone used to tell me they were evil, but I didn’t believe them.

Anyway, I put the seven dolls away in a box and left them in the spare room. I then began having nightmares, starting with one or two a week. After a little while, they started to occur every single night. I’ve never experienced nightmares like this in my life. These were full on extreme night terrors. I didn’t understand what was going on and was exhausted all the time from lack of sleep.

I then started to hear some kind of scratching noise coming from inside the closet or from just outside my room late at night – never during the day. At the time, I thought it might be a mouse. These things happened for a couple of months.

One time I was sitting in the lounge room, watching TV, when all of a sudden I saw two small red eyes on the side of my cat’s body when he standing on my lap. They were just staring at me. I looked behind me to see where it was coming from and saw nothing but a blank wall. I looked back and the eyes were still looking at me. Then they slowly faded away. I always felt a strange, uncomfortable presence in the house, but wasn’t sure if it was because I had just moved in on my own and was scaring myself or if it was something else. I think I used to make excuses for everything so I didn’t think I was going crazy.

On another occasion, I was lying in bed and had the outside hall light on when I saw a murky dark shadow come across the ceiling and into my room. It then disappeared. The last thing that happened before I spoke to someone about the weird events was when I saw a demonic-looking face in the reflection of the base of my lamp. It was staring at me. The thing had dark circles as eyes, and it wasn’t clear like a human face, but was definitely a face. I turned off the light and ignored it and went to sleep.

I eventually spoke to a lady at work, a Jehovah’s Witness, about everything that happened, and she told me that I had something in my house that was causing the problems. I didn’t fully believe it was the dolls at the time, but I ended up throwing them out in the industrial bin that weekend because something needed to happen to make it stop. The dolls were worth hundreds of dollars, but I was not risking it. That night, I had an extreme nightmare about them. The dolls were at my Nan’s house, where they had been originally, and they had killed my cat. In the dream, I found his body in the kitchen sink. My cat is still alive now, LOL, but I always check on him to make sure he is safe.

It’s been over 9 months now, and since getting rid of the dolls I have had no nightmares, no weird noises, or feelings of another presence. I feel stronger and healthier, and I always pray from time to time, asking the lord to protect me and Hugo (my cat). Everything stopped after I threw out those dolls. I now know not to ignore things and to become more in touch with my spiritual side. And I will never buy my daughter a porcelain doll!”

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4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites

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Think dolls are creepy? You’re not alone. Many folks are spooked by tales of Robert the Haunted Doll and Connecticut’s infamous Annabelle. However, not everyone finds haunted dolls disturbing. In fact, some people are so passionate about ghostly dollies that they’ve created websites offering everything from a haunted doll shop to a live web stream featuring allegedly possessed playthings. Here are four of them. Do you believe?

The Haunted Doll Educator
David’s Haunted Dolls doesn’t sell anything, but instead focuses on educating the public about haunted dolls and the best way to care for them. David, who affectionately refers to his haunted dolls as “spirit children,” insists possessed dolls are real and more common than one might think.

“A haunted doll is not your everyday Betsy Wetsy,” David writes. “Haunted dolls are real life spirits that are attached to a certain host doll. Nobody really knows if the spirit picks that host doll, or if they are just drawn there, but we do know it happens. You might even have a haunted doll in your home, and not even know it.”

Isn’t that a comforting thought…

The Haunted Doll Store
If you want to buy a possessed doll, AJ’s Haunted Dolls is a good place to visit. The site offers dozens of creepy playthings, ranging in price from $20 to $1,000. Some dolls, like Kiara, appear innocent and sweet, while others, like Maria the Revenge Wiccan Spirit, have a slightly darker energy. However, you shouldn’t fret about a possessed doll coming to slit your throat in the middle of the night. AJ is confident in her (his?) ability to keep evil forces out.

dolls staring“It is simple, my grandmother always said ‘in order to keep evil out, you do not invite it in,'” AJ writes. “Along with following her simple rules, her protection prayers, and burning of sage sticks I haven’t had to deal with any strong evil entities.”

The Haunted Doll Collector
Haunted Dolls, meanwhile, bills itself as “the original haunted doll site” and features information about owner Kimberly Gunn’s extensive collection. Gunn has collected everything from possessed clown dolls to haunted Native American figures and is dedicated to helping the souls trapped inside her spirit children.

“I have made it my mission to adopt these dolls, to communicate with them, show them as much attention as possible, and to give them a voice,” she writes.

The Haunted Doll Cam
Another site, the Doll House Cam, streams video of dolls 24/7 to give viewers the chance to spot a haunted doll in action. Viewers have shared all sorts of finds in the Cam Capture section, though most require a healthy dose of imagination to see. Some finds, on the other hand, are quite unnerving. In March 2009, the cam captured what appears to be a child’s ghost lurking at the bottom of the stairs. Do you think it’s real?

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