Reader Submission: The House on the Hill

creepy house at night
“I service pools for a living, and there’s one house I visit that really gives me the creeps. The house is huge, a mansion really, but it’s been empty for awhile. The bank or someone pays the pool bill to keep the house marketable, but I don’t think they’ll sell it anytime soon. This is in Deer Creek, Oklahoma.

I’ve been to there close to a hundred times, and I almost always see shadows in the windows. Like I said, the house is locked up and empty but there’s always something going on in the windows. My crew and I also hear barking dogs, though there’s no dogs on the property and the house is on a hill far from anything else. The dogs sound close too. Another time, I heard something banging on an upstairs window, but when I turned around no one was there. On a different day, I swear I heard someone whisper ‘What’s your name?’.

The worst was when the pool’s pump motor quit working for no reason. I was flipping breakers, cussing and yelling, when the motor suddenly kicked on and I heard loud clapping coming from the house. I hauled ass out of there that day.

Other people who work at the house have told me they’ve heard people dancing upstairs and seen doors fling upon by themselves. The caretaker often has to check on the house in the middle of the night because the alarm system registers doors opening and closing.

I don’t know a whole lot about the history of the house or the land it sits on, but the story is that an oil worker was killed on the property sometime in the 1950s. Maybe that’s who’s bumping around that big empty house.”

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