Ghost Photo: The Imaginary Friend

The photo above reportedly shows a little girl toddling towards her ‘imaginary’ friend. What do you think?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Museum Thing

creepy photo museum

This photo from Reddit.com may not be paranormal, but it’s definitely creepy. According to the OP, the thing in the background appeared in a photo taken at the Fort Worth Museum in Fort Worth, TX. He doesn’t remember anyone wearing a poncho or shawl and claims no adults were in the play area. Check out the discussion here. What do you think of the image?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Man in a Mask or Phantom from Beyond?

man in mask or ghost picture

Looking at this alleged ghost picture, you might be wondering what’s so strange about a group of people posing in Halloween costumes. However, according to the back story on About.com, the figure in the back wasn’t there when the photo was taken.

“Members of the staff began accusing one another, searching everyone’s bags for the mask, and interrogating each other,” John writes. “We realized that it was not a practical joke of any kind when we noticed that the ‘thing’ appears translucent.”

Do you believe him?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: Dead Wife or Double Exposure?

The story behind this creepy pic is that the blurry woman in the photo is the man’s long-dead wife.  Some say the photo is a nothing more than a double exposure, while others aren’t so sure. What do you believe?

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