Reader Submission: The Man in the Shack

shack in field

“I was living in a huge house after I got sent to live with my aunt and uncle because my parents were unable to care for me. This house was built in the 60s and was in a rural area surrounded by a lot of land and woods. There were other houses in our neighborhood, but the next house was a few acres away. My aunt and uncle were older and ill.

I stayed in the attic which was nicely laid out, and at night I would see a dark shadow linger over me. I would feel a presence and it would wake me up, and paralyze me with fear, where I couldn’t even move. This happened so much. One time in the early morning hours, I saw the figure point out my window into the back woods. Then it vanished. It had these eyes that were red.

One day I went out into the woods. I was about two miles in when I came across a shack that had been built poorly and looked VERY old. I went inside and found bones and writings on the wall. I got so scared that I ran away.

Later I found out that an old man had stalked the people who lived in the house before me. He lived in the woods and would sneak into the house while the people were gone and take things from them. Some say he would kill animals and eat them and perform dark rituals. One night, he went into the house and killed the woman living there. He was never found, but the story made the papers.

Perhaps there was a link. Scares me today.”

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