Reader Submission: Night Watcher

dark forest creepy man

“I was up in the mountains with my dad and my dog for a long weekend. We rented a tiny little scenic cabin, made almost entirely of glass. The door didn’t even lock. Right next to the house, basically the backyard, was a small river. On the other side was a cement dam. It flowed under the small road that was nearby. It was also in a ravine, where there were giant mountains all around, and we were at the bottom.

We hung out until night time then went to sleep. Around one in the morning, my dog woke me up because he needed to go outside. It was really cold, so I got all bundled up and put his leash on. I also grabbed a torch because there were absolutely no light sources outside. I went out past the deck into the grass right next to the river and turned my light on. I moved my light all along the edge of the mountain. Suddenly I saw something on the dam on the other side of the river, and I did a double take. A man was standing on the dam. I guess he was a man. He didn’t have a face and was dressed all in black. He wasn’t far away at all. We stared at each other for awhile. He didn’t react at all to my shining the light directly into his eyes. After a minute, I did the stupidest, most horror movie cliche thing ever. I called out, ‘HELLO?’. I thought he might have been ice fishing or walking his dog, but when he didn’t move or respond I realized he wasn’t doing either.

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Reader Submission: Sounds in the Night

dark creepy house

“Before my mother died of lung cancer, she suffered in our living room. My dad got a hospital bed from somewhere, and that’s where she stayed, getting her morphine.

At night, my mother often felt incredible pain and cried. Because of that, my father ordered us to keep our doors open and wake him up when she cried so that he could take care of her. However, when my mom got weaker, her crying was not loud enough to reach upstairs to our rooms. So, my father got a little stick, which was made out of some kind of light wood. And when my mother hit the stick against her bed frame, it was loud and clear and we could hear her.

That time was the worst of my life. Imagine the psychological torture of hearing your mother crying and suffering all the time. It was especially bad when she had had her dose of morphine, but still suffered. Then, my dad told us to ignore her because we couldn’t do anything and she would soon go to sleep.

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Reader Submission: The Attack

evil girl stare

“Kids have a knack for hidden spaces. If there’s a half-filled closet, or a nook behind the stairs, or a cluster of bushes with a well-obscured clearing inside them, they’ll find it and make it theirs.

As a kid, my preferred hidden space was just outside my elementary school. Still technically on school property, so I wasn’t breaking any rules, but as far from any supervising teacher as you could get. It was blocked off on one side by the school’s brick wall and surrounded on all other sides by an overgrown bush. If you were small enough there was plenty room to move around and you could disappear completely.

My best friend at the time was as into ghosts and the supernatural as I was. I’d read more Goosebumps books than any of the boys in our class and she swore up and down she had a deck of tarot cards somewhere in her basement. We figured that made us experts on the occult. In our hidden space, we’d draw initials on the wall with white rocks, followed by dates like 1967, 1921, 1880, and pretend they were written by whole histories of kids who’d come here before. We didn’t have an Ouija board but we knew what one looked like. So we drew letters in the dirt with a stick and put a leaf for a planchette in the center. If the leaf was blown towards one of the letters by a gust of wind (or maybe by one of us exhaling a little harder than normal, by accident of course) it meant the spirits were trying to contact us.

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Reader Submission: The Woodland Entity

creepy woods

“A large black entity lives in the woods outside our home in Panama City, FL. My family believes the reason we see so much weird stuff is because the land our neighborhood was built on was once woods. We believe the beings we encounter once resided in the woods that were destroyed to make our neighborhood.

Behind our neighborhood is a large recreation park. Our neighborhood and the recreational park are surrounded by miles of dense woods and swampy areas. Anyways, we often see the being outside our chain link fence in the backyard. It is a large black being that has appeared in our dreams and has shown itself a couple times to me and other members of the family. When this creature is present it scares the crap out of our three dogs.The being likes to knock on doors and windows but cannot come into the house (thank God!). We notice that it comes to the fence every night when we let the dogs out one last time before everyone goes back inside for bed.

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