Real Ghost Stories from the Military

night vision view of woods

Here are a few creepy tales I found on military forums. Enjoy!

Something in the Walls

“When I was stationed at MacDill AFB we lived in base housing and while I was TDY (temporary duty) my wife use to say she would here clanging at night. She said it was as if something was trying to escape the walls. After we moved, I found out that an Airman back in the 1950’s had killed his daughter and hid her body in the attic. He lived in the same unit we did. I never told my wife this because she would surely freak out!”


A Hostile Light

“This happened at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Sometime in November, one coworker said he was checking a site (I can’t remember which one) when he spotted a single bright light moving around a farmer’s field outside the restricted area. It started to move towards the site, and he assumed it was hunters with a spotlight. He got on the loudspeaker of his vehicle and gave a warning not to approach the site. Immediately, the light went 0 to 60 directly at their vehicle. The vehicle abruptly turned off, the engine, radio and headlights dying.

blurred lightsHe managed to scream into his handheld radio ‘they are going to ram us!’ as his alpha departed the vehicle in a hurry. He threw himself flat across the seat for impact, which never happened because the light appeared to stop on a dime, just short of striking their vehicle. When he sat up, the light was retreating away from them, and quickly moved away till it vanished over a hill. The vehicle suddenly came back to life, engine restarting on its own. How he didn’t soil his shorts, I have no idea.”


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