10 Haunted Places in Delaware That Will Give You Chills

Delaware may be small, but it’s full of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. Here are 10 haunted places in Delaware that may just leave you sleepless.

Fort Delaware – Delaware City

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Now a state park, Fort Delaware once imprisoned Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Now the soldiers’ restless spirits┬áreportedly pace the halls, searching for a way out. Other ghosts at the old fort include a guard who died after tumbling down a set of stairs and a kitchen servant who checks up on equipment and meals.

Cry Baby Bridge – Smyrna


A deformed infant reportedly haunts a cry baby bridge in Smyrna (located on Walnut Tree Road between Smyrna, Delaware and Millington, Maryland). Abandoned and murdered by his teenage mother, the furious baby screams and wails and kicks his hideously strong legs, felling trees in the process. Visitors report their cars behave strangely at the old bridge and that the baby prevents young women from leaving because he believes they may be his long-lost mother.

Dead Presidents Pub & Restaurant – Wilmington

haunted pub delaware

Housed in a building more than 200 years old, Dead Presidents Pub is reportedly haunted, not by a dead president, but by “Lemonade” Mullery, a former patron who died after slipping on a puddle of urine in the men’s room. Bartenders and waitresses now claim the spirit hurls dishes, levitates dominoes, and cackles at bewildered guests.

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Truth or Legend? Crying Baby Haunts Bridge

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A dark bridge. A screaming baby. Apparitions in the night. The country is full of “crybaby bridge” legends, but is there any truth to the disturbing tales?

The Legend
Depending on where you live, the crybaby bridge legend goes something like this: A woman is traveling with her baby (or small child) when disaster strikes. Perhaps it’s a tragic accident that results in mother and child plummeting over the side of the bridge. Perhaps the mother is angry or distraught and hurls her baby into the creek below. Perhaps there’s more than one child. Perhaps there’s a murderous father. Though multiple versions of the legend exist, they all agree on one thing: a baby dies near a bridge and its ghostly wails now haunt the tragic site. At times, the mother’s grieving ghost appears in the woods nearby, sobbing and calling out for her lost child.

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