Reader Submission: The Dark Lady

ghostly woman

“I had sleeping problems at night. When I closed my eyes I used to see a dark lady watching me from the corner of my room. At first, I thought it was a dream, but when she talked to me I realized she was real.

According to the woman, she was over 900 hundred years old and had refused to go to the spiritual side and instead stayed in this world. I asked her why she was watching me and kept scaring me, and she said I was her husband over 850 years ago! She told me I was a Satan-worshiping man and I had taught her the true magic.

That lady came to me every night and would not let me sleep. She said she was waiting for me to go to the spiritual side. I went to doctors and did everything to get rid of these bad things. I tried to believe all these things were not real. Nothing worked, and then something bad happened.

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