Reader Submission: Hell House

spooky house

“All my life, I’ve had paranormal experiences in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, some good and some bad. This one in particular scared the shit out of me…

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Reader Submission: Ouija Possession?

ouija board session

“I’ve never believed in possessions. I still don’t know if I do. But I had an experience that makes me wonder…

It started when I was 8 years old. My older sister would always talk to the walls. I thought she was crazy. She would always talk about her friend Annabelle and would introduce me to air. I never saw anything but would usually play along. My doctors say it was a mental disorder, but my sister was perfectly normal otherwise.

When I was about 15, my sister started using Ouija boards. I would watch her and her friends’ sessions by sitting next to them, but I never had the courage to try it myself. I soon discovered who Annabelle was because she talked to my sister through the Ouija board. My whole family was creeped out.

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Reader Submission: Demonic Haunting

creepy shadows

“My first encounter with this demonic spirit was about two years ago. I had just moved in with my foster parents. At this time, I was still a Christian. I had just been through a terrible family crisis so I was dealing with a lot of emotions. I was constantly depressed and rather angry. This was a very stressful time in my life.

Three Scratches

One night, I had gotten into a very big fight with my foster parents and started self-harming. When I woke up the next morning, I had three very deep scratches running side by side down my neck. I thought I had done it in my sleep somehow, even though I had no fingernails.

I went upstairs to show my foster mom, and she also thought it was strange. So we went back downstairs to show my foster dad. When we got down there, she moved my hair and there were three more scratches next to the original marks. I then went to wash my face, and three more scratches appeared on my cheek, right before my very eyes!

I started to do some research, and what I found frightened me. I saw a lot of talk about demons and learned that three scratches are considered the “demons’ mark of destruction.” I became very frightened.

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Voices from Beyond: Can Ghosts Speak Through Laptops?


Can ghosts or demons speak through everyday electronic devices? One woman is convinced an entity spoke through her laptop and believes she has the evidence to prove it.

I found this story in the paranormal section of Reddit.com.  A user there said that weird things used to happen in her former apartment, things like electronics acting up, mysterious knocks at the door, and shadowy figures appearing during Skype sessions. However, it was the disembodied voices that scared the woman and her roommates the most.

“Voices would start coming out of anything electrical,” she wrote. “This would come from our headphones when listening to music on an iPod, on our phones, from our laptops, during Skype, on the TV, on a DVD, and even Christmas toys that had batteries in them. The voices would all sound the same.”

Before fleeing her apartment, the woman managed to record a voice emanating from her laptop. Check it out below.

While many Redditors believe the woman captured something paranormal, others disagree. Skeptics in the comment section argue the voice is nothing more than radio interference. Others accuse the woman of making the whole tale up. What do you believe?