Reader Submission: Haunted Cafe

dexter lake club

“For a time, I was one of the owners of the Dexter Lake Cafe, known from the movie Animal House. There were rumors of a ghost in the building.

We had turned the bar area into a craft store with 60 local artisans showcasing their items.  Over the years, the employees said they saw a  woman with short brown hair in areas reserved only for employees or in the store after closing.

One morning, Dee, the cook, and I were having a slow morning. One of our regular customers was reading the paper and drinking his coffee. Dee had the metal side table stacked with metal bowls next to the stove, and I was putting things away behind the counter. It was quiet when the metal side table suddenly jumped or was lifted up and slammed down. The quiet morning was shattered with the clank of the metal bowls hitting the floor.

The three of us just froze. Soon after,we had to close and sell the business.  I found out that two of the prior owners were sisters. One committed suicide after she found out about her sister’s affair with her husband.”

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