Top 10 Ghost Posts of 2013

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Here are the 10 posts that got the most views on Ghosts and Ghouls this year (not counting photos). See any you love or hate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

10. Ghosts on a Plane: 5 Tales of Haunted Aircraft
Five true tales of haunted aircraft from popular aviation forums. 

9. 4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites
Four websites offering everything from a haunted doll shop to a live web stream featuring allegedly possessed playthings. 

8. The Most Beautiful Suicide: Does Evelyn McHale Haunt the Empire State Building?
The tragic tale of Evelyn McHale and reports of a possibly related haunting at the Empire State Building.

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The Most Beautiful Suicide – Does Evelyn McHale Haunt the Empire State Building?

the most beautiful suicide photoThough suicide is a common element in tales of lost love and heartbreak, the subject usually ends it all because of a lover’s death or betrayal. However, there are exceptions. A tortured young woman said to haunt New York City’s Empire State Building took her life for an entirely different reason.

On May 1, 1947, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale leapt from the top of the Empire State Building. Her body landed on a United Nations limousine over a thousand feet below, obliterating the roof of the car and horrifying pedestrians passing by the iconic landmark.

The commotion drew photography student Robert Wiles who snapped a photo of McHale just minutes after her death (right). Though Evelyn plummeted 86 stories, or 1,050 feet, Wiles’ photo reveals a calm, beautiful corpse, eyes closed, fingers still clutching a pearl necklace. McHale looks as if she could be sleeping, but the limousine’s mangled roof and shattered glass tell a different story.

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