Reader Submission: Man Down


“My name is Matt, and I’m an EMT-B (also a current Paramedic in training).

I responded to a call to a man-down, breathing status unknown. We pulled up to a bar. No police on scene. A man was standing outside and said “There’s a guy on the floor in there.” I walked inside and found a man, bloody, eyes open, slightly white-purple combination. He had dried blood on his face and multiple stab wounds. He obviously wasn’t breathing. Clearly, he was dead a while. We pronounced him there on scene, and I found his drivers’ license with his name on it.

Two weeks later… I was sitting in the back of my ambulance, taking inventory of our IV supplies, when my lights went off in the back and I heard a small whisper. I pulled out my phone and turned on my voice recorder and asked ”Who’s here with me?” I let my voice recorder run and sat very still, eyes closed, listening for about two minutes before I shut it off. The lights came on suddenly, and I played back my recorder. Listening very closely, I could clearly hear his name being said, first, middle, last. The lights went off again, and I got out of the ambulance.”

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