Reader Submission: The Procession

three lit candles

“My mother told me this story when I was a little girl.

There used to be a lonely old lady who lived at the edge of the little village cemetery. She was a nosy old woman who liked to gossip and get involved in other people’s business. No one in the village liked her and most of the time she was alone. She sought out friends, but no one wanted to be around her. At night she would sit by her window and peek out. One particular night she heard a noise by her window, and what she saw surprised her.

There was a procession at night. People dressed in black seemed to be going into the cemetery while some were sobbing and everyone was carrying a candle. The old women wanted to see what was going on so she went out and a man approached her. He said nothing but he handed her a single candle. The woman took it without a thought and then the man left her side and continued on. The woman stayed beside her door as the people passed and entered the cemetery. At the last instant she decided not go to and she headed back inside. She closed her door and the next morning she went to look where the candle had been but nothing was there.

That same day she went into town and told her story of what happened but no one seemed to believe her. They all thought the woman was crazy because no one would be walking around in a procession at night but the woman swore that she saw them.

The towns people never believed the lonely old lady. She died a few years later peacefully but now people walking around at night near the cemetery swear that they see a woman walking around at night holding a candle…”

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