Reader Submission: Haunted in Seattle

shadow men

“In the early 1980s, I lived in a house in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle, WA. My girlfriend told me of things happening in the house, but at the time I never saw anything. Shortly before we broke up, however, I saw more than I could imagine and things I will never forget.

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Reader Submission: The Railway Encounter


“I’ve had quite a few spooky experiences over the years. This one is probably the strangest.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Boy on the Tracks

train ghost

The story behind this eerie pic is that a boy died on the tracks and now appears in this image. Can you see the small figure standing in front of the train?

Send your supernatural photos to ghostsghoul@gmail.com!


Ghost Picture of the Day: The Bird Watcher

ghost boy ghost picture

A resident of a second-story apartment takes a photo of a bird and notices a boy’s face in the tree. Is it a ghost?

As always, I’m looking for creepy ghost pics! Please send them to ghostsghoul@gmail.com.