Ghost Photo: The Floating Face

What do you see when you look at the photo above? According to one Melbourne family, the face in the window is a ghost.

“The picture was taken by 18-year-old Dayna Lynch just days after the family said goodbye to a late grandmother,” Daily Mail Australia reports. “Her stepmother – who is no longer with Ms Lynch’s father – had just returned from her grandmother’s funeral in Turkey and said the ghostly apparition bears a striking similarity to her departed grandmother. She and her grandmother were incredibly close, and she could feel her presence the entire day.”

Skeptics say the photo shows nothing more than a (live) person peering into the room. Others say the image has been altered or the face is a reflection of some kind. What do you believe?


Ghost Photo: The Face at the Window

ghost face in window

This photo, which originally appeared on Coast to Coast AM, reportedly shows a ghostly face at the window of a Revolutionary War era home in North Carolina (click photo to enlarge).

According to the man who took the picture, no one lived in the home at the time of the photo, nor were there any wall hangings or furniture inside. So who, or what, is that at the window?

The old road bed next to the home was originally an Indian path prior to becoming a wagon road in the mid-18th century. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was also fought near the home. Is the ‘ghost’ tied to the area’s history?

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Ghost Photo: Pearl Harbor Face

ghost photo pearl harborOn December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy bombed the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack that claimed nearly 2,500 American lives. Over 1,000 of those men died aboard the USS Arizona and many of the victims’ bodies could not be recovered.

Just under 60 years later, in September 2011, an Australian woman named Susan De Vanny visited the USS Arizona Memorial and snapped the photo on the right. The memorial sits just above the sunken Arizona, and De Vanny believes the pic might show the anguished spirit of a soldier who died in the infamous attack.

“It just looked really sad, really sad and young,” De Vanny said. “The face, to me looked young, which I don’t know if it represents the men at that time who perished.”

Mysterious Universe reported on the pic soon after its release, and a reader commented with this chilling tale:

I visited the USS Arizona memorial last June. I was watching the balls of oil float up and watched as they spread across the water’s surface; as in the picture in the article.

Next to me was a little girl, perhaps four or five years old, babbling away. I wasn’t listening to her, but as I stood up, the girl’s mother took her by the hand and asked ‘Who are you talking to?’ The little girl pointed to the water where I had been watching and said “Him. . .the man down there.” The mother was puzzled and looked to the water. The mother apparently decided that she wasn’t going to pursue this weirdness and led her away. The little girl tugged against her mom’s pull and was whining that she wanted to talk to the man in the water.”

Skeptics say the “ghost face” is nothing more than a startling illusion, pareidolia if you will. What do you believe?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The Face

ghost face photo

A reader posted this photo to Ghosts and Ghouls’ Facebook page. She writes:

“My husband came home from his gig last night telling me about a picture they took where a FACE appeared in the BACK of his head. It’s NOT a Photoshop…what it IS is creepy. The band mates have lost a few friends recently who were also musicians. One of the wives gave them a few guitars, and they played them for the first time that night.”

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