Ghost Picture of the Day: Apparition in Ankara

ghost photo turkey

This strange pic was taken in Ankara, Turkey. Apparition, angel, or trick of light? You be the judge.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Roller Coaster Boy

ghost near roller coaster

Taken before smart phones or ghost apps, this photo shows a transparent figure standing near the Six Flags Great America Amusement Park in Arlington, TX. Check out Ghost Research for more information about the creepy pic. What do you think the photographer captured?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Boy on the Bridge

ghost on bridge

A reader writes: “So I was walking on a bridge and I saw this and took a quick snap and got the frick outta there.” What do you make of the photo?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Apparition at the Lemp Mansion

lemp mansion ghost photo
This photo from AngelsGhosts.com shows a strange figure at the infamous Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO. The Lemp family once dominated the city’s beer market with the Lemp Brewery and Falstaff brand beer. However, Prohibition shuttered the family business, and four members of the Lemp family committed suicide between 1904 and 1949. Three of the deaths occurred inside the Lemp Mansion, and now phantom knocks, heavy footsteps, and disembodied voices plague the historic property. Is the figure in the photo a departed Lemp strolling about his old home?

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