Battle of the Ghost Pics: Staircase Showdown


Here we have four pics of alleged ghosts hanging out on or near a staircase. What do you think of the images? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or vote for your favorite pic in the poll. Why do ghosts like stairs so much anyway?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The Attic Dweller

ghost picture

The story behind this photo is that a woman snapped the pic in an abandoned home and the figure near the bench showed up. Do you see it? Check out the discussion on Reddit.com.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Pride House Phantom

ghost photo

This photo comes from the Pride House in Jefferson, TX. A reader writes:

“This photo was taken when no one was inside the house. The photo was taken right before we went inside to look at it. We were on the ghost walk.  On this particular night they were telling us the story of the Pride House and letting us go inside to see if we could ‘catch’ anything.

We have many other photos that were taken there. We did not see originally see anything until we got home and were looking at the photos. We have the original photo, but I zoomed in and put the arrow on it so you could see it better. We have some people that say they can see it and some that say they can not…”

Billed as the first bed and breakfast in the Lone Star State, the Pride House was 125 years old. A fire unfortunately destroyed the historic building on August 28, 2013.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Apparition at Mary King’s Close

real ghost picture scotland

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland has long had a reputation for being haunted. This photo from The Real Mary King’s Close, a company offering tours of the underground street, reportedly shows a ghost after hours. The image comes from an infrared camera the company uses to snap pictures of tourists. Is it a ghost or merely a marketing ploy?

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