Reader Submission: The Imaginary Friend


“My dad owns a triplex and we always lived in one apartment as a kid while he rented the other two. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, my cousin and I started playing with a girl named Bridget. She was around our age, although she did seem really shy. I didn’t know this until years later, but apparently our parents assumed she was an imaginary friend because they had no clue who we were talking about. One day Bridget just stopped showing up.

Fast forward about ten years…one of dad’s tenants was mega pregnant, had her baby, came back a few days later, and was talking to dad. She asked kind of nervously if dad thought the house was haunted. He shrugged, said he believed it was possible, and then ‘Why do you ask?’ She kind of relaxed when he said he believed it was possible and told him this:

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