Ghost Picture of the Day: Girl in the Graveyard

haunted cemetery photo

Do you think this creepy pic shows a graveyard ghost (or two)?

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Reader Submission: The Girl in the Graveyard

ghost photo

“After I sang at a graveside service, I was walking to my car with four other people and we heard a child crying. I turned around and saw a little girl on a tombstone. She said, “Do you know where my mother is? Can you find her please?” So I snapped a picture with my cell’s digital camera, and this is what I got. It bothered me, so I found out who the girl was and where her mother was buried. I went back and left a note on the little girl’s grave saying where I’d found her mother. When I went back the next day, there was a thank you on the note . I’ve been a photographer 40 years as a hobby and was on the annual staff in high school in 1970. This scared me to death, but it was sad too.”

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