Reader Submission: The Man in the Mirror


“I was just a little girl, about eight, when my mother and I went to a shabby motel for the night. As my mother talked to the clerk, I felt as if someone, or something, was staring at me. I walked away from the two adults and looked up at  a rather large mirror held up high on the wall.

There, I saw my mother’s boyfriend. He looked down at me with an odd, but cold, look in his gray eyes. He looked very sad for some reason, but when I blinked, he was gone. Seeing him didn’t scare me, but it did surprise me.

Four weeks after seeing his image in the mirror, my mother told told me that her ex-boyfriend had died.”

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Mirror Spirit

ghost picture mirror

A reader submitted this photo which he believes shows an unknown ghost in the mirror. What do you think of the image?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Woman in the Mirror

1790 Inn Ghost Photo

A tourist snapped this photo outside the dining room window of Savannah’s 17Hundred90 Inn. The restaurant was reportedly closed for the night, with no one on the first floor, but the mirror clearly shows a woman’s reflection. Is it Anna, the infamous ghost of Room 204?

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