Reader Submission: The Girl in the Picture


“I actually did not believe in ghosts until a few days ago. I do pet sitting and started at a new house this week watching their three cats. I had to bring my two girls with me, aged 6 and 9 most of the times I went.

After the girls went in the house a few times they told me it was a ‘creepy’ house. They also saw an odd, old picture of a young girl in the hallway by the bathroom and said it was ‘scary’ and didn’t want to look at it (image below). The last few times I went I got goosebumps and felt like something was watching me…. I could not explain it. I also thought the old picture of the girl in the hall was a bit creepy. It just gave you an odd vibe looking at it. I felt like I couldn’t run out of the house fast enough. I did not say anything to my kids about my suspicions as not to alarm them. My oldest was even afraid to use the bathroom.

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