Ghost Photo of the Day: Window Watcher

ghost picture

I don’t know the context of this photo, though the face in the window is disturbing. What do you think of the image? Frightening or fake?

Apparently ghosts like peering in windows. See: “Peeping Tom” and “The Peeper

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit at Searcy State Hospital?

photo of ghost at searcy hospital alabama

Here’s an interesting story and photo I received from a reader…

“Location: Closed Ward Bldg. condemned and sealed up from the public. Searcy State Hospital, Mount Vernon, Alabama.

This photo was taken while I was documenting the historic sites located here. This site originally started as the Mt. Vernon Arsenal in the early 1800’s. At one time the Apache Chef Geronimo was held here before being transferred to Florida.

Once I got home, I was viewing the photos on my computer and when I zoomed in I saw what appears to be a face looking out of the window. The area in question is the lower floor window between the two left columns in the upper left window panes. I have showed this to several others and they saw the same thing without my prompting what to look for. No items are behind the glass and there are no reflections cast onto the glass that I could tell.

Zoom in on the window I indicated and tell me what you think.”

Do you see it, readers?

ghost picture

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