Ghost Photo: Another Babe in the Woods

woods ghost picture


I found this photo online, but there was no information about where or when it was taken. As you can see, the figure on the right resembles a toddler though some have suggested it’s an owl or some other animal. Whatever it is, it clearly spooked the deer. What do you think?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Woman in the Woods

ghost picture woods

This ghost picture, taken in West Virginia’s Audra State Park, shows a strange figure near the edge of the woods. Is it a spirit or is it an optical illusion?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Trail Cam Thing

trail cam ghost

What did this Wisconsin trail cam capture? A ghost? An animal? A wendigo? Read a few theories here.

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The Boot Story

I found this chilling tale on Reddit.com (Willie-Main). Enjoy!

I had a tough time in high school. I didn’t have many friends because my family moved around a lot. The one thing I’ve always loved, however, was camping. And, being in upstate New York, there was plenty of that. My dad had an old pup tent, a gas lantern and a sleeping bag that he gave to me and, every Saturday during the summer, I’d head out to a different spot and set up the tent, build a fire and watch the stars.

Finally, in my junior year of high school I made some friends that shared my love of camping and the outdoors. We were an eclectic bunch– me and one of my friends were huge nerds, another, if he were born about 25 years earlier would have made the perfect Deadhead and the other was actually a pretty big deal on the football team. We did our best to make time for our weekly camping trips and probably went every weekend the summer between junior and senior year. In that time we got really close.

Senior year was a different story, though. The Deadhead started getting really into drugs and drug culture. The football player started hanging out with the popular crowd and my nerd friend and I were kind of left to our own devices. I felt bad about this so, about a week before graduation, I took it upon myself to get our group together for one last camping adventure before we all went off into the world and never saw each other again.

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