Ghost Photo: Shadow Monk

The photo to the left was taken in Ireland’s historic Muckross Abbey. Could the shadowy figure in the background be the ghost of a long-dead friar?

Founded in 1448, Muckross Abbey has a dark and violent past. The abbey was home to Franciscan friars who were repeatedly raided by bands of marauders. The men also suffered from Cromwellian forces. Now, only ruins of the once majestic structure remain.

The graveyard surrounding the abbey has a chilling reputation. One creepy legend speaks of a man who dug up the body of his newly dead wife and feasted on her corpse. Some say Bram Stoker also spent time in the cemetery.

Other odd events at Muckross Abbey include the faint sounds of Gregorian chanting and a general sense of unease.

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Ghost Photo: Footbridge Phantom

The photo above was taken at Vassals Park in Bristol, England. The property was once part of a handsome estate and is reportedly home to a ghostly monk who died for his faith. Does this picture show the man’s hooded form? Some believe the Duchess of Beaufort, who once resided nearby, also haunts the park.

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Ghost Photo: Guildhall Ghoul

ghost photograph

Earlier this month, Irish President Michael D. Higgins visited St. Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, England and delivered a speech. Coventry Telegraph photographer Joe Bailey was on hand to snap a few photos of the momentous occasion. When reviewing the pics, however, Bailey was shocked to see the bluish-green blob lurking near the President.

“I was a little taken aback to say the least,” Bailey told the Telegraph. “Some in the office are convinced it’s a ghost but I’m not so sure.”

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Floating Face

Does this strange pic show a ghostly monk’s face floating in an old abbey? Or is there a more natural explanation?

monk ghost picture

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