Ghost Photo: Dead Woman Walking

This photo from Reddit was taken at an old bar in Hollywood. Do you think it shows a ghostly woman walking by?

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Ghost Photo: Apparition in Harpers Ferry

“My wife and I visited Harpers Ferry, WV in August, 2014. The Turner house, which dates back to the late 1700s, is run by the National Park Service.  The rooms upstairs are set in 19th-century furnishings and can be viewed from the hallway. I snapped several pictures of the rooms. When I returned home, I processed the pictures and noticed the sleeved arm of a female figure reaching for an apron hanging on the back of a chair in one picture.

I have no explanation for this. There was NO ONE on the second floor but me at the time, and there were no mannequins in the rooms. I did some research online and found that even in the 1800s, there were ghost stories about the place.”

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Ghost Photo: The Maid of Tryon Palace

The video still below of a ‘ghostly maid’ wandering North Carolina’s Tryon Palace is generating a lot of press in English tabloids. But does it actually show a ghost?

The claim

“The footage shows the ‘ghostly figure’ of what appears to be a woman in period dress walk past the doorway,” The Sun reports.

“The pair [who took the photo] believe the lady could be the spirit of a servant who perished in a blaze at the palace in 1798, which began in the cellar and engulfed much of the building.”

Similar ghostly reports appear in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Metro.Co.UK, and the Mirror.

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Ghost Photo: The Little Spirit

This photo from Reddit’s /r/Ghosts was taken during a ghost tour in The Rocks, Sydney. What do you make of the figure next to the woman? Is it a spirit or something more easily explained?

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