Ghost Photo: Canterbury Cathedral Ghost?

ghost photo canterbury

A reader writes:

“I was recently looking over some photos I had taken back in 2011 of Canterbury Cathedral and surrounding precincts and was disappointed at how dark they were, so I decided to apply the ‘autofix’ function of Windows Photo Gallery to see if they would lighten up anymore. 

I was then quite surprised at what I saw in one photograph in particular. I’ve attached the original unaltered photograph, the ‘autofixed’ version, and a zoom into the area of interest

Apparently, there is a ‘legend’ of a bricked-up nun that haunts the area in the vicinity of the cloisters, but a ghostly monk has also been seen flitting around there – do you think it looks male or female? I can’t decide!”

ghost canterbury cathedral

Original photo

haunted canterbury

Autofix photo

haunted canterbury cathedral

Zoomed photo

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