Ghost Photo: A Serial Killer’s Victim?

ghost photoA reader writes:

“I live in Tampa, FL. I have a couple criminal justice and crime scene analysis degrees, so I’m slightly obsessed with serial killers. Tampa has had only one serial killer: Bobby Joe Long. He murdered 10 women at his home in 1983-84. He is STILL on death row.

I began dating a guy who’s mom moved into this beautiful old bungalow along the river that was priced too low and on the market too long. Isn’t this how all haunted house stories begin? LOL. She didn’t ask questions and moved right on into Bobby Joe Long’s house.

One night, my boyfriend took me there, and I was stoked to be at such a prolific crime scene. His personal affects that weren’t evidence are still in the shed. Long hung a swing from a tree, and I sat in it and had my pic taken about 5 times in a row and on only one, this showed up. I could not debunk it.”

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