The Most Popular Posts of 2016

Another year has come and gone, and that means it’s time to look back and see which posts got the most traffic. Below you’ll find the top 10 posts of 2016. Any favorites?

100 Chilling Ghost Photos – Here are 100 spooky photos from around the world

Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories – Could the “happiest place on Earth” also be one of the most haunted?

Cops Share True “On Duty” Ghost Stories – Real ghost stories from the men and women in blue.

Top 25 Ghost Photos from Reddit.com – Here are the 25 most popular photos from Reddit.

Real Nurses Share True Ghost Stories – Nurses share their frightening encounters with the paranormal

Creepy Stories from the Woods – Sometimes the wildlife isn’t all you have to worry about.

Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories – 5 true ghost stories from real-life paramedics.

The 7 Most Common Types of Ghost Photos – Here are the seven types of ghost photos I see most frequently.

2013 Ghost Photos: 15 Creepy Pics – 15 chilling ghost pictures from 2013.

5 Chilling Tales from Reddit – Five horrifying tales from Reddit.com


Top 10 Ghost Posts of 2013

ghost girl photo

Here are the 10 posts that got the most views on Ghosts and Ghouls this year (not counting photos). See any you love or hate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

10. Ghosts on a Plane: 5 Tales of Haunted Aircraft
Five true tales of haunted aircraft from popular aviation forums. 

9. 4 Creepy Haunted Doll Sites
Four websites offering everything from a haunted doll shop to a live web stream featuring allegedly possessed playthings. 

8. The Most Beautiful Suicide: Does Evelyn McHale Haunt the Empire State Building?
The tragic tale of Evelyn McHale and reports of a possibly related haunting at the Empire State Building.

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Reader Submission: The Railway Encounter


“I’ve had quite a few spooky experiences over the years. This one is probably the strangest.

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Call for True Ghost Stories, Photos, Tips!

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One of my favorite things about operating this blog is reading people’s strange experiences and viewing their ghost photos. However, I don’t receive that many. Therefore, I’m asking (begging) readers to submit their true ghost stories and pictures!

Submitting your info is easy. If you have a story, simply share it using this form or email ghostsghoul@gmail.com. If you have a photo, email ghostsghoul@gmail.com. If you have a video, point me to the YouTube link. You can also reach me on Ghost and Ghoul’s various social media pages. Just click on one of the logos pictured in the top right part of the blog.

I’d also like to receive tips/stories about haunted locations around the world. Nearly every city or town has a paranormal legend. What’s yours?