Reader Submission: Ouija Entity

creepy ouija board

“When I was about fourteen, I started doing Ouija boards with my friends. I didn’t really believe that anything would happen, but it did. The glass always moved really strongly, and whatever we brought through knew things about individuals in the group that nobody else could have known. The thing that came through fixated on me. It claimed to be my twin (my mother miscarried a twin when she was pregnant with me), and over the next two years we did lots of Ouija boards and would always get this same entity.

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Reader Submission: The Ouija Board

people using oujia board

“In reference to my Shadow Man story, I have another unique story I’d like to share, as one of my many paranormal encounters. After several years of living with the man in black and finally being relieved of him, I encountered something that I brought upon myself. Luckily, it wasn’t harmful, but it was very noisy. Why? Because in my day, Ouija boards were considered a fun thing to do at sleep overs.

I went to live with my dad after my parents divorced and the man in black disappeared. It happened when I was 17 years old. My friend and I were playing with a Ouija board in my room one night as we thought it was harmless, teenage fun. Nothing happened during the Ouija session. Later that night when we were in bed, we heard something running at full force up the stairs where we were. We heard what sounded like a cabinet door open, then creak…then slam shut. All of these noises were taking place in my room.

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