Ghost Video: Apparition at Haunted Pub?

ghost on camera english pub

Ghostly apparition or logical explanation? This video comes from the White Lion pub in Yateley, England.

According to pub manager Kate Staniszewska, the 159-year-old pub is home to many ghosts, including a female spirit that likes to make her presence known. In this video, a wispy, white figure manifests near the window before continuing up the stairs to the women’s bathroom.

“I live in the building, and so I can feel it when I pass the ghost,” Staniszewska told GetHampshire. “I’ve lived here six months and it’s happened a few times but this is the only place we have seen it.”

Of course, not everyone is convinced. Some skeptics say the video shows nothing more than smoke, while others wonder if someone has manipulated the footage to look ghostly. What do you believe?


Ghost Video: The White Lady of Belgrave Hall

haunted belgrave museum
Is England’s Belgrave Hall haunted? This surveillance footage from 1998 leaves some wondering.

“The security cameras at the back of the hall triggered off one night at about 4: 50 a.m.,” curator Stuart Warburton told BBC News. “Then suddenly … two figures appear on the film. The camera freezes for about five seconds and then the figures disappear. And then we have a mist that swirls along the top of the wall, which we cannot explain.”

Belgrave Hall, a Victorian museum in Leicester, has long had a ghostly reputation. Legend has it a former owner’s daughter haunts the 306-year-old residence, though no knows why. Many refer to her ghost as The White Lady. Other reports include eerie shadows, unexplained footsteps, and the smell of “old-fashioned cooking.” What do you think of the video?


Ghost Video: Police Station Spirit?

The video above comes from a police station in Espanola, NM. It seems officer Karl Romero was monitoring the station’s surveillance cameras when he noticed a strange white figure drift across the secured lot. The figure traveled through a gate and disappeared, and officers found nothing at the scene when they went to investigate.

Check out the news report here.

Skeptics believe a number of things could account for the whitish blob on tape, none of them supernatural. Their theories range from dust and insects to reflections and ‘ghosting’.

What do you believe?


Ghost Photo: Sprits at Saddle Horn Bar

ghosts on camera

The images above come from the Saddle Horn Bar and Grill in Phoenix, AZ. In 2012, owner Jimmy Olaguez told ABC 15 that his security cameras captured two apparitions on video. The bluish image on the left reportedly shows the ghost a little girl who died in a fall over 80 years ago. The photo on the left shows a strange shadow that hovered behind the bar and then disappeared.

The Saddle Horn is around 100 years old and at least two patrons have been shot and killed there. Olaguez wonders if one of the victims still lurks around the bar today. Current customers complain of pokes and pushes from unseen hands.

Check out the news report below. What do you think of the alleged ghost footage?