Ghost Video: Ghost Cat Caught on Film?

New York’s Shanley Hotel is a former bordello with a haunted reputation. According to the inn’s website, eerie events include chairs that rock on their own, chimes from unseen clocks, disembodied whistling, footsteps in empty corridors, and unexplained odors, among other things. However, owner Sal Nicosia claims not all of the hotel’s ghosts are human. And he says he has a video to prove it.

On January 15, 2013, paranormal investigator Stephen Barcelo recorded video of a cat in one of Shanley’s hallways (above at 1:00). However, there were no cats staying at the hotel at the time the video was filmed. Could it be Nicosia’s former cat, an animal that always behaved oddly at the reportedly haunted inn?

“When we moved into the hotel, the cat refused to go out,” Nicosia said. “I couldn’t get the cat to come into my apartment. I would bring her into the room and she’d run right out the door so I started feeding her in the hallway,”

Nicosia also said that he recorded an EVP of a ghost named Claire claiming the cat belongs to her. Do you believe his story? What do you think of the ghost cat footage?

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Video: Ghost Blob Damages Car in Police Parking Lot

Surveillance video from the Hartford Police department’s parking lot shows a whitish blob whipping about, but is it a ghost?

In the clip posted above, the wispy blob whirls through the lot, tearing the mirror off one car, hurling it a few feet away, and then dropping the mirror next to the damaged vehicle. Some police officers believe the parking lot is haunted, however NBC Connecticut meteorologist Brad Field says the “ghost blob” is actually a dust devil. Not everyone is convinced, however.

What do you think of the footage? Dust devil or naughty, police-hating ghost blob?

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Ghosts Caught on U.K. Pub’s CCTV?

ghost video

A reader shared this video from the Golden Lion Inn in Barnard Castle, England. He writes:

“The spooky film shows countless orbs, figures, faces, spectral movement and all manner of weird goings on. But the most eerie scene is of the landlady going through a door and a ghost appears to come through her back. Two other phantom figures disappear as the door closes through them.”

Check out the video below. Do you agree with his assessment?

Update: Here’s some additional context the reader sent in.

“The pub was built in 1679 with stone from the castle it backs onto. The castle was built between 1112 and 1132 and has a Roman road running up the side of it. There is also CCTV footage of ghosts coming over the wall from the castle where orbs have also been seen.

The pub it sited on what was the local people’s entrance to the castle and many sieges and battles have spread onto the town street through this entrance. In one such siege, where the town was surrounded by 1,200 horsemen and 3,000 foot soldiers, 226 locals jumped from the high battlements in surrender. Of those, 35 were killed or seriously injured. From those uninjured, many were hung for treason. Traitor’s tree, once used for hangings, still stands just outside the castle. The execution block and gallows were a few hundred yards further up the Roman road. The town is steeped in history having had Charles Dickens and Oliver Cromwell as visitors.

Barnard Castle is claiming to be the world’s most haunted town with 93 ghost sightings by the town’s 5,500 inhabitants.”


Ghost on Hotel Surveillance Camera?

ghost footage

Earlier this week, the Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, FL shared a video of what they believe is an apparition drifting around the bar (below). It all started when hotel security guards were monitoring surveillance cameras and noticed a wispy, white figure moving about.

The white figure changed forms – sometimes appearing human, other times resembling a whitish blog – while drifting around the bar which was closed for the night. When a security guard went to check it out, the figure moved away, as if it were trying to hide. Oddly, the guard in the bar couldn’t see the figure, though another guard monitoring the surveillance camera could. The man watching the cameras asked the on site guard to move closer to the apparition, but that guard refused, saying he could sense the figure but didn’t want to approach it.

According to a report on a local news station, the hotel is over a hundred years old and the site of several strange events. The security chief told a reporter that cold spells, disembodied giggling, and the sound of jangling keys are not uncommon on the property. He also said that something pulls on doors when he attempts to open them.

What do you think of the footage?