Reader Submission: The Woman in White

woman in white ghost

“I have always been really easily spooked/startled. I often see glimpses of someone in my peripheral vision. I turn around scared as hell, thinking I see someone, but when I look again the person is gone. I have had a few moments of certainty that someone was in fact there, and those I remember vividly.

Once I was sitting on my porch when I was young, probably around 7. I was looking across the road at my friend’s house. I saw this young woman, probably around 18, and she had long, blonde, beautiful hair, a very pale complexion, and a long white dress, almost like a nightgown. She was just sitting there, smiling at me and rocking in the rocking chair. I didn’t feel scared per se, maybe just a bit uneasy (not like other times I have glimpsed something or someone). I looked away, looked back, and the woman was gone. The rocking chair had also stopped rocking.

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Reader Submission: A Paranormal Life

shadow people

“First off, I would like to say that when I was a little kid, my mom, dad, mawmaw, and pawpaw all separately told me that I used to talk to people who weren’t there. And it was always the same little boy. I never changed people I talked to and I would apparently have very animated conversations with him. Throughout my childhood, I would hear voices and feel people touching my shoulders when no one was around. So in other words, I have had these experiences my whole life.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit in the Court

courthouse ghost picture

In 2006, security footage at North Carolina’s Lincoln County Courthouse revealed a ghostly woman taking notes in an empty room. Security officers went to investigate, but reportedly found no trace of the woman. The courthouse has long had a reputation for being haunted, and Sgt. Lonnie Reap, a 30+ year employee, is a believer.

“I believed all along that there’s ghosts in this courthouse,” Reap told a local news station. “A lot at night, I’ve heard foot steps. I’ve heard noises that I couldn’t explain.”

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Reader Submission: The Couple Trapped in Time

“In 1990 or 1991, I lived with my family in a small town in West Virginia. We had just moved into a rental house, one the owner guessed to be over a hundred years old. While there, everyone in my family – my ex and I, our two teenage sons, our 8-year-old daughter, and our two toddler sons – experienced something strange.

The first strange thing we noticed was an occasional cold spot near the bathroom door. Later, we heard bumps and the occasional thud and sometimes an object would move around or disappear. For example, we’d leave a pen on a table and it would turn up in a completely different spot. We also heard footsteps which we could track because of the creaky floors.

One time I was in the basement when I heard what sounded like a chest of drawers tumbling down the stairs. Everyone in the house heard the crash and came running from all directions to see what had fallen. However, after searching the home we couldn’t find anything wrong.

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