Ghost Photo: Tree Spirit

The photos above recently appeared in Reddit’s r/paranormal. The OP writes:

“These photos were taken in quick succession on the night of the abnormally large full moon. By quick succession, I mean approximately two seconds. Being a skeptic, I would have any other time assumed it to be a Photoshop job; but these particular family members are of an older generation that haven’t even heard of the program. The family that captured this photo has a motion-sensor light that is triggered at all hours of the night.”

What do you make of the ghostly figure? See an enlarged image below.

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Ghost Photo: Cemetery Spectre

cemetery ghost photoDoes this photo show a transparent figure in a cemetery or is there a more logical explanation?

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Ghost Photo: Fire Phantom

real ghost photo

The story behind this photo is that an arsonist torched the home and that neighbors heard someone screaming for help throughout the night. However, upon investigation firefighters found no one inside. So who, or what, is that looking out?

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Ghost Photo: The Gray Lady of Dark Hedges

gray lady ghost
In Stranocum, Ireland, a spirit known as the gray lady reportedly roams a historic road known as Dark Hedges. Earlier this month, photographer Gordon Watson claimed he caught the lady on camera. What do you think of the image?

No one’s quite sure who the Gray Lady is, though theories abound. Some say she comes from a long-forgotten cemetery nearby. Others believe she was a servant who died mysteriously.

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