Reader Submission: Mirror Horror

mirror haunted
“Okay, so it sounds crazy, but this actually happened to me a few months ago.

One night, I woke up, opened my eyes, and looked around. What I saw was my house, but it was…different. It seemed like everything was in the right place, but also not. I looked around for a few minutes, then it hit me: everything was reversed, like in a reflection. Then I looked up and saw the mirror behind the couch I’d been sleeping on. In the mirror, the room appeared the way I remembered it.

‘This has got to be a weird dream,’ I thought to myself. Then I noticed movement at the edge of the mirror, followed by my friend Anna walking into my field of vision. She had an expression of horror on her face. I turned to look at the couch she’d been sleeping on, but then I woke up…again.

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Dreams, Doppelgangers, and Disappearing Objects

Life is full of odd little moments that can’t be pinned on ghosts, ghouls, goblins or other supernatural creatures. The folks at Reddit refer to these strange events as “glitches in the Matrix,” and have taken to sharing their bizarre experiences online. Here are a few of their stories.

Grade School Doppelganger

“This happened to me in third grade, and it scared me so much I started crying and had to go to the office to talk to the principal about it. I was in the hallway for misbehaving, and my neighbor Tad (a year younger than me) came walking out of a class to my right, passed in front of me and headed down some stairs. We said “hi” to each other. About 20 seconds later, he walked out of the same class, passed in front of me, and headed down the stairs. I just stared at him, confused and afraid, and he looked back like ‘why the f are you looking at me like that’”

The Overseer

“At 12 years of age my mom let me stay in the truck as she went grocery shopping. As I wait I see an old Guy walking towards the truck with an indescribable look at me as if I know too much. he stops 5 feet from the truck looks at me for a couple seconds and heads back the exact way he came. it was rather traumatic for some reason and very confusing at that age. 5-6 years later my dad was showing me home videos of us at Yellowstone. At old faithful I noticed the same Guy, same look, same clothes peering at us on camera and at me through the TV. I’m freaked out just telling this.”

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