Ghost Photo: The Haunted Graveyard

haunted graveyard

Does this photo show a ghost at a historic graveyard in Sydney?

Taken by paranormal investigators on Halloween night, the picture appears to show a wispy, white figure lurking in the background of St. Bartholomew’s Cemetery.

“We think it’s moving towards us,” investigator Kelly Ryan told The Mirror last December. “It has legs, arms. We think it’s a male. We’re not claiming this is the spirit of a human being, we’re just saying this is an anomaly.’’

St. Bartholomew is more than 175 years old, and locals believe a former jockey and a young girl may haunt the church’s historic cemetery. What do you think of the image?


Ghost Photo: Graveyard Girl

I found this photo on FanPop (via Pinterest) with no context or explanation. Could it be real? Or is it merely PhotoShop? Some skeptics wonder if the photographer took the photo through glass or if a slow shutter speed is to blame. What do you think?

graveyard ghost photo

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Ghost Photo: Graveyard Ghoul?

ghost charleston sc

The filtered photo above comes from the Unitarian Church graveyard in Charleston, SC. The same unfiltered photo is posted below. According to the original source, a site called Jeff and Kim’s Love Shack, a couple visited the cemetery in 2004 and captured this female form in the background.

Is it really a human figure? Or merely a trick of a shadow and light? The infamous female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher, was reportedly buried in the Unitarian graveyard, and the photographers wonder if the ‘woman’ in the photo might be her. What do you believe?

ghost photo graveyard

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