Reader Submission: The Crying Man


“I was 12 when I woke up to someone on the foot of my bed. I strained my ears and heard sobbing noises. I sat up in bed and saw a man in a fedora-type hate crying with his face in his hands. I thought it was my father, so I asked him if he was okay. I asked quietly but got no reaction so I yelled the question. The man stopped crying and started to look up, but I was scared and went under my covers. I eventually fell back asleep, frightened shitless.

A couple months after the first incident, I was home alone. I thought I heard crying and figured my brother must’ve come home without me noticing. As I walked to see where the crying was coming from, my dog started barking and howling. This was the most aggressive I had ever seen her. I went to see where she was and saw the same guy in the fedora, crying next to my fireplace. I froze and stared at him for a good minute. When I decided to turn on the light, he disappeared.”

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