Reader Submission: The Cold Spot


“In 1989, our family flew to California for a vacation. My daughter had been ill with cancer the year before, and was still feeling the effects of the disease, but wanted to make one more trip to Knott’s Berry Farm and Sea World before checking into the hospital upon our return. The vacation itself was lovely, the weather was perfect, everything went like clockwork.

We returned to Phoenix on the same aircraft we had flown to California on, but sat in different seats than on the outwardbound trip. Suddenly, my daughter, who had been suffering chills, got colder and colder. She had already slipped on a heavy sweatshirt purchased for just that purpose, and I wrapped a Mexican blanket we had gotten at Knott’s around her, but she still got steadily colder. The attendant brought a blanket, and helped me wrap my daughter up like a cocoon, but it didn’t help. It seemed forever before we landed in Phoenix. It took several hours for her to warm up. What was odd was that the rest of us, my three granddaughters, my brother and myself, as well as the other passengers, were perfectly comfortable the whole trip!

About three weeks later, my brother flew to Ontario, California on business, taking the same plane. He sat across the aisle from the seats we had occupied and witnessed a lady sitting in the same seat my daughter had, beg for blankets–more blankets, please! She was freezing, although her husband and son on either side of her were rather warm, and said so.

The attendant recognized my brother, and quietly told him she was convinced there was something wrong with that particular seat because anyone who sat there–man, woman or child–complained of being cold, but had no explanation.”

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Ghosts on a Plane: 5 Tales of Haunted Aircraft

When most people think of haunted locations, they likely imagine dilapidated old houses, creepy woods, or historical buildings with tragic histories. However, ghosts often lurk in unexpected places, like a modern plane soaring 30,000 feet in the air. Here are five true tales of haunted aircraft. I found the stories on two large aviation forums. Have a nice flight!

One Last Flight Together

“The story goes that a flight attendant went downstairs to prepare the beds for everyone. As she opened the stair house door and looked in an elderly man was sitting on the stairs. When the crew member challenged the “pax” about why he was down in a restricted area he said “Oh sorry, I am traveling with my wife who is upstairs in seat X. She will be worried about me. Can you tell her I am OK?”

The man went upstairs and into the lav just opposite the stair house door. The crew member duly went to talk to the man’s wife who was astonished to hear the story as her husband was indeed traveling home with her but in a coffin in the hold!!

A description of the man was correct as witnessed by the flight attendant and the captain confirmed they were indeed carrying a body. The lav was checked for the man but it was empty!”


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