Reader Submission: The Haunted Apartment

shadow person

“Up until a few months ago, I lived in an apartment in Manhattan with a roommate. We moved in the summer of 2012, and everything seemed fine…for a while.

It’s hot in August, so we had the AC window units running at night. It starts to cool off in September, so we turned off the AC and it was quiet at night. The first incident I noticed was when I heard what sounded like rustling in my dresser drawers. Because I’m a rational person, I dismissed it and told myself I was half asleep and that it was nothing. In the days/weeks after, I felt something jump on my bed in the middle of the night and walk around. But again, I ignored the incident, and in my half-asleep state of mind, thought it was my roommate’s cat. Then I remembered that my door was shut and the cat could not be in my room. This happened several times, so I knew it wasn’t just in my head, but I didn’t mention it to my roommate because I didn’t want us to scare each other.

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Reader Submission: I Love You


“I was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA.  I lived in an apartment with my husband off post in Hinesville.

When we moved into the apartment, the bathroom had long, dark hairs in the tub and sink and a woman’s bra behind the door. We didn’t think anything of it, we just cleaned our new bathroom and set up house.

During the night, as we slept, the house was silent and there was no disturbance except a sudden chill around two in the morning, which was a little odd since it was a good 85 – 90 degrees outside. In the morning, there were again long, black hairs all over the bathroom. This happened a few days in a row.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Apartment

creepy photo

“My fiancé and I were living in an apartment and after about six months, weird things started to happen.

My fiancé (now husband) is a truck driver and is out of town at times. One such time, I went to bed and had my back to the room. My dog was sound asleep beside me and I heard a muffled child’s voice right behind me. I rolled over to look and nothing was there.

A few days later, my husband was home and he was in the washroom and heard a woman’s voice. Thinking it was me, he opened our bedroom door and both the dog and myself were sound asleep.

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Reader Submission: The Shadow Man

shadow person

“I moved into a townhouse with my son when he was 1 1/2 years old. It was an end unit, a small two bedroom. Soon after moving in and unpacking, I started hearing a lot of knocking and footsteps. I brushed it off as our unit was attached to a three bedroom unit. I assumed it was noise traveling through the walls. It also seemed that I was always looking for things that I just put down, finding items where they did not belong. My son would talk to and play with ‘imaginary’ friends.

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