Ghost Photo: King of the Castle

Taken at England’s Barnard Castle, this photo shows a white figure lurking near the fortress’s stone walls. Could it be a ghost?

Construction of Barnard Castle began in 1095, and the ancient castle was once a favorite of King Richard III. Today, it is an English Heritage site. Video from an adjoining pub allegedly shows “orbs, figures, faces, spectral movement, and all manners of weird going on.” Check it out here.

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Ghost Photo: The Haunted Castle

A family outing to Crathes Castle turned unexpectedly chilling when a ghost turned up in the background of their photo (doorway). Located near Banchory, Scotland, Crathes is a 16th-century fortress reportedly haunted by a spirit known as The Green Lady. Another ghost is thought to belong to former resident Lady Agnes, a woman said to have poisoned her son’s sweetheart.

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Ghost Photo: White Knights?

ghost picture

The U.K.’s Mirror shared this photo on Halloween. It seems a father snapped a photo of his daughter at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire, England and captured two ghosts in the background.

“I can’t quite make out what they are, but it looks to me like two figures,” said Richard Jones, 38. “It could be two knights carrying a shield – which would make sense as it was by the castle. What’s so strange to me is that there is absolutely no color – it’s all white.”

Like most castles, Tamworth has its share of ghost stories. Legend has it a 9th-century nun haunts the historic structure, while tales of disembodied footsteps, swirling mists, and mysterious figures are also common.

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Ghost Photo: Stirling Castle Spirit

stirling castle haunted

The former home of Mary, Queen of Scots, Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s greatest historical sites. But is it also haunted?

In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked to see the image on the right (or so claims this article). Does it show a ghost?

Like most castles, Stirling has a haunted reputation. Staff and guests have heard disembodied voices, laughter, and footsteps in empty rooms. Other visitors have spotted a kilt-wearing apparition that vanishes into a wall or fades when they approach. The castle is also reportedly home to a Pink Lady and a Green Lady, ghostly women who roam the halls and then disappear. Some people believe the Pink Lady is Mary, Queen of Scots herself, while the Green Lady is rumored to be a servant who saved Mary from a fire.

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