Reader Submissions: 5 True Ghost Stories to Keep You Up at Night

haunted cemetery

Here are five reader submissions that will have you sleeping with the lights on. Which true ghost story do you find the most unnerving?

More Strange Activity at the House on the Hill
It seems the haunted house on the hill is still quite active…

“So something creepy happened to John and the guy riding with him at the haunted house yesterday. He got his work truck stuck in the mud (which in itself is hilarious) and they were sitting in the truck about 50 or 60 feet from the house, waiting for my dad or bro to come pull them out. While waiting, John and the new guy started joking around and asking ‘the ghosts’ for help getting out of the mud. About 30 minutes into the wait, they suddenly started hearing music. Loud music. John described it as old timey jazz. It faded in and out a few times then they heard a couple strange moaning sounds. After that, it all stopped. About 20 minutes later, help arrived and pulled them out of the mud.”

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