Creepy Woods and Haunted Theme Parks

woods at night

Ghosts and Ghouls isn’t my only paranormal-themed project. In addition to writing posts and scouring the web for Ghost Picture of the Day (a surprisingly time-consuming task), I talk spirits on “Nova X,” hunt ghosts with  Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations, report local ghost stories as a Tampa Bay Paranormal Examiner, and now write for MysteriousUniverse.org. Might as well go full nerd, right? In any case, here are two of my recent outside articles, if you’re interested.

  • Creepy Woods: Unknown Beasts in the Forest” –  There are times when even the most seasoned outdoors-man is afraid to enter the forest for fear of what he might find. Here are five disturbing tales of unknown entities said to stalk the woods.

Haunted Disney: True Ghost Stories from the Happiest Place on Earth

Could the “happiest place on Earth” also be one of the most haunted? Check out the tales below –mined from two major Disney forums–and decide for yourself.

Haunted Mansion Ghost Boy
“I took my 100 ft. nightshot accessory to Walt Disney World (WDW) with the specific purpose of taking ride photos of the Haunted Mansion for a WDW Virtual Visit. After documenting the ride, I put the camera away for the rest of the day. I went back to our place that evening and began to download the photos to my laptop. Lo and behold, one of the first shots of the attraction shows something that definitely WAS NOT there when I was on the ride. This photo was taken in the first hallway of the attraction, the one with the eye-following portraits.

As you’ll see in the photo, it appears as though a child is peeking his head out of the doombuggy and looking directly at me. Not only was he not there when I took the pic, there wasn’t a child of this age within 20 people in front of me in line, and as you can see, he’s only a few doombuggies in front of me. Not only that, what’s he doing looking at me? There is NO flash and NO visible light coming from me. It’s all infrared and invisible to the naked eye.

I think it’s an incredibly spooky photo, and I have no idea where that kid came from.”

disney world haunted mansion ghost boy


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