7 Chillingly Haunted Places in North Dakota

An abandoned hospital, a college dorm, an isolated country road. North Dakota is full of haunted places, here are seven of the most chilling.

San Haven Sanatorium – Dunseith


Wails from a ghostly infant, dark shadows, mysterious orbs, and apparitions are just a few of the strange things said to occur at the historicĀ San Haven Sanatorium. The 104-year-old hospital once housed tuberculosis patients, as well as mentally impaired men and women. No one’s sure how many people have died at San Haven, though estimates rangeĀ in the thousands.

Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast – Anamoose

sage hill haunted

Sage Hill was once a quaint schoolhouse but is now a charming B&B. And like many historic inns, Sage Hill is reportedly haunted. Legend has a cigar-smoking spirit haunts the 88-year-old building. In 1996, workers tasked with renovating the old schoolhouse noticed the strong scent of a cigar, though no one on the job site was smoking. They also heard eerie moans. Today, guests have experiences of their own. Strange happenings include lights flicking on and off, moving items, and phantom scents.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Stuyvesant Hall


“I have always believed in ghosts, but I’ve also tempered my belief with a healthy dose of skepticism. I’m not afraid to call bullocks. I have been ghost hunting with friends before, and while they experienced hair raising, pinching, electricity-over-the-skin feelings and even visual manifestations, I experienced nothing (save for my ability to use dowsing rods and pendulums). In short, I could be in a room full of ghosts and not feel a thing. My experience at college was different. It wasn’t anything frightening. It was far more playful and humorous.

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