5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


It’s time for another installment of bizarre haunted goods on eBay! In the past, we’ve had a cursed beer sign, a ghostly donkey, and a possessed Elf on the Shelf. Here’s what’s up for grabs this time around. To see a listing, simply click on the bold title. Happy browsing!

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5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


Every now and then, I search for “haunted” items on eBay to see what turns up. My search usually yields loads of haunted dolls and mundane estate sale items, but today I found more unusual odds and ends. Here are five haunted items currently up for grabs on eBay.com.  To view the listing, just click on the bold title. Happy haunted browsing!

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6 Haunted Objects Currently Listed on eBay


Got a thing for ghostly knick knacks? Here are six haunted objects currently up for grabs on ebay.com. Bid away!

Bar Mirrors That Witnessed a Double Murder and a Suicide

The Story: Two mirrors that once hung at the site of a double murder/suicide now inspire dread in anyone that sits near them. From a placard that comes with the mirrors:

“When friends would visit the owner and sit at the bar, they all experienced the same eerie feeling as if someone were staring at them. No one could sit at the bar for any length of time without becoming incredibly frightened. Do you feel a presence in front of the mirrors?”

Current Bid: $99.99

haunted objects

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