Reader Submission: Ghosts in the Night

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Many people believe that ghosts are most active at night, and the stories below certainly support that theory. Here are three creepy tales from the same reader who submitted “The Possession.” Enjoy!

A Cousin’s Goodbye

“When I was 11 years old, I had a cousin named Patricia who was my best friend. We played together, and my sister played with her younger sister Betty. Patricia got sick and went to Grady hospital.

One night my mom and dad went to visit Patricia in the hospital, and my sister and I stayed home. I was asleep in my bed and in a waking dream when Patricia came and kissed me on my right cheek and told me she loved me but had to go. I remember wondering how she did that when my bed was up against the wall, but she kissed me on my cheek with a cold kiss.

When my parents came home, my dad stood in the doorway of my bedroom and said ‘Son wake up, I have to tell you that Patricia died tonight!’ And I said, ‘No she didn’t daddy, cause she was just here and kissed me!’ My dad said ‘You were just dreaming son’ and turned out the light. I’m 63 now, but I remember this like it was yesterday, and I believe I will see her again someday!”

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Reader Submission: Voices in the Woods


Here’s another creepy tale from the same person who shared “Footsteps on the Stairs“…

“This next one happened last summer with my brother, his wife, my daughter, and I. It was around June or July, and it gets so hot and humid in this part of Georgia. We drove to the Crockford/Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Preserve here in Walker County to try and get in some swimming at what is called ‘The Blue Hole’ by locals. However, the swimming hole was too crowded, so we decided to go up the mountain and explore while waiting for people to leave.

The whole area is deep woods, broken only by dirt roads. People camp at the bottom near the swimming hole. The part we went to was a few miles away from everyone, and we left the pickup truck since the roads were too narrow for it.

The four of us were walking up this gravel road for a good half hour to 45 minutes and for some reason I can’t recall, my brother walked on ahead because he wanted to check something out. He was supposed to come right back, but he didn’t. After nearly an hour, my sister-in-law and I started to worry about him.

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Reader Submission: The Man in the Dunes

“This happened at night. Three of my friends and I were smoking on the beach, looking towards the dunes. There was a heat lightning storm that was going crazy right over Tybee. While we were sitting on the beach, we all noticed a shadow shaped like a man in the dunes.

We sat smoking and discussing whether it was a man or a tree. After several minutes of observing, we came to the conclusion that it was a tree or bush shaped like a man because there was absolutely no movement over a period of 15-20 minutes.

So we decided to go look for ourselves. On the approach, all the classic ghost story bullshit happened….. change of temp, hairs on the back of the neck and arms standing up, mood change as well. We all went from curious to terrified before we even got close.

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Sorority House Ghost Helps Others Find Love

haunted sorority house

The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house in Athens, Georgia hosts more than exclusive parties and secret initiation rites. This 116-year-old home is also said to harbor the heartbroken ghost of a beautiful young woman abandoned at the altar.

The Tragic Tale of Susie Carithers

According to local legend, former state senator James Yancey Carithers purchased the home in 1913 for his daughter Susie and her handsome young fiancé. The happy couple planned to marry in the home, nicknamed the wedding cake house for its intricate architectural detailing, but sadly the blissful union was not meant to be.

On the day of the wedding, Susie donned a gorgeous white dress and waited to marry her long-time sweetheart. However, something went wrong. The groom was late, very late, and wedding guests began to whisper about a jilted bride.

Despite her growing anxiety, Susie clung to hope that her beloved would arrive. She paced the home, wringing her hands and peering out windows, desperate to see her fiancé riding into the drive. However, minutes passed, than hours, and still no sign of the missing groom. Guests trickled out of the house, murmuring their condolences, and a devastated Susie gave up hope of ever marrying her sweetheart.

The heartbreak and humiliation were too much to bear. Still wearing her white dress, Susie slipped away to the attic and hanged herself from the rafters. Her parents raced up the stairs when they heard the crash of a falling chair, but it was too late. Susie was dead. The beautiful young bride would agonize over her missing groom no longer.

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