5 Haunted American Landmarks


America is home to dozens of cherished landmarks, many of them rumored to be haunted.  Have you encountered a ghost at these popular vacation destinations?

The Statue of Liberty
Legend has it that an evil pirate named Captain Kidd haunts the Statue of Liberty’s Liberty Island, once known as Bedloe’s Island. In 1892, the New York Times published an article about two soldiers who attempted to unearth Captain Kidd’s loot only to be met by a demon-like entity that exuded sulfur and hurled one of the treasure hunters into the bay. Does the captain still roam the island today?

The Golden Gate Bridge
Over 1,000 people have leaped from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in its 75-year history, though it isn’t these tortured souls who reportedly haunt the bridge. In 1853, the steamer SS Tennessee sank in the Golden Gate Strait after losing its way in a patch of fog and slamming into a rock. Now, the phantom ship reportedly sails the strait, leaving a wake but no trace on radar. Visitors on foggy days occasionally report screams in the mist. Who, or what, could be screaming?

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is full of ghost stories featuring everything from lost hikers to Indian burial grounds. One tells of an anguished woman who roams the canyon searching for her husband and son, lost in a hiking accident years ago. Rangers have also spotted lights where no trails exist and heard strange screams echoing in the night. The canyon also boasts a haunted cave, The Grand Canyon Caverns, which brave paranormal lovers can tour at night (there’s even a cavern restaurant). Visitors report shadows in the cave, while staff members feel as if something watches them.

The Hollywood Sign
In 1932, failed actress Peg Entwhistle jumped from the top of a letter on the iconic Hollywood sign (which then read Hollywoodland).  The 24-year-old beauty died from the 50-foot fall, and legend has it Peg haunts the sign to this day. A pair of hikers in 1990 reportedly encountered a disorientated-looking Entwhistle only to witness her disappear before their eyes. Rangers have also spotted the tragic young woman’s ghost, noting the smell of gardenias whenever she appears.

The Empire State Building
The ghost of a beautiful young suicide victim also haunts the Empire State Building. On May 1, 1947, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale leapt from the iconic landmark, her body crashing onto a United Nations limousine over a thousand feet below. The commotion drew photography student Robert Wiles who snapped a photo of McHale just minutes after her death. Though Evelyn plummeted 86 stories, Wiles’ photo reveals a calm, beautiful-looking corpse. Reporters dubbed Evelyn’s desperate act “the most beautiful suicide,” and newspapers around the world published haunting image of her death.

Modern visitors have spotted a distraught young woman dressed in clothing from the 1940s which some say is Evelyn. Wearing bright red lipstick, the haunted-looking woman reportedly paces the Observation Deck on the 86th floor, her eyes bright with tears. After a few minutes of fretful pacing, the mysterious woman rushes through the safety fence and jumps over the edge, much to the horror of observers. Could the mystery woman truly be Evelyn McHale?

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