Ghost Photo: Graveyard Girl

I found this photo on FanPop (via Pinterest) with no context or explanation. Could it be real? Or is it merely PhotoShop? Some skeptics wonder if the photographer took the photo through glass or if a slow shutter speed is to blame. What do you think?

graveyard ghost photo

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Reader Submission: Restless Spirits


“This was a long time ago: October 1981. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Paradise Cemetery on Florence Avenue. Around 1990, officials closed the cemetery down for a while because it was found out that they were stacking bodies on top of each other in the same grave and also selling body parts. People went to jail for that. I remember as  a child always seeing tractors digging, but I didn’t think nothing of it at the time.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Girl in the Graveyard

haunted cemetery photo

Do you think this creepy pic shows a graveyard ghost (or two)?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Figure Behind the Tree

The story behind this ghost pic is that a couple was practicing night shots in a cemetery when they later spotted this figure behind a tree. Is it a ghost or a flesh-and-blood guy or girl?

ghost photo graveyard

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